Dumpster Safety

Local laws, landfill policies and good environmental practices require that we prohibit a number of materials from being disposed of in our roll off dumpsters. We understand that not being able to throw certain items away is a bit of an inconvenience, but these rules are in place to protect the areas that we live in and our overall health, and they must be followed. Below is a list of some items that Reliable Dumpsters typically cannot accept in our dumpsters; items may be added or removed depending on the particular laws in your city.

Tires and Large Rubber Pieces – Tires are banned from nearly every landfill in existence as they take a very long time to decompose and tend to leech out unwelcome materials as they break down. Recycling facilities exist where tires can be safely disposed of without harming the local environment, and you will need to make use of these facilities as we cannot accept tires in our roll off dumpsters.

Oil, Oil Filters and Used Absorbents – Motor oil, old oil filters and any sand or absorbent material used to collect waste oil are prohibited from nearly all landfills and must be disposed of safely at a recycling facility.

Batteries – Batteries contain a number of chemicals that can be toxic if released into the environment, and for this reason batteries must be recycled. In some cities we can assist with the recycling of batteries, but not in others. If you have batteries to be disposed along with the rest of your waste, please let our team know and we will fill you in on how this should be done.

Household Chemicals – Household chemicals and cleaning solutions tend to contain a wide variety of different materials that may be classified as toxic. It can be difficult for the Reliable Dumpsters team to determine whether or not your particular household chemicals will be banned from the landfill we use to dispose of the items in your roll off dumpster, so please refrain from placing any chemical materials in with the rest of your waste.

Paint – Paints – especially those which are made with a lead base – can be incredibly toxic if they leech out of the landfill and into the local groundwater. For this reason we do not allow cans or other quantities of paint to be disposed of in our roll off dumpsters. If you have paints or painting materials that need to go, please contact us and our team can direct you to the best possible means of disposal.

Flammable Materials – Flammable materials present an obvious fire risk and are therefore prohibited from all of Reliable Dumpsters’ bins. This includes rags or other absorbent materials that have been used to clean up spills.

Asbestos Materials – Old building and construction materials containing asbestos are considered to be toxic and require special handling. If you are performing renovations on a building that may have asbestos materials around, please let us know. Our team is happy to fill you in on the proper methods of disposing of these materials so no laws are broken.

Computers, Electronic Equipment and Appliances – Electronic equipment, including old computers, televisions, stereos and appliances is considered to be “electronic waste” and needs to be properly recycled. In some cities we will be able to handle this recycling on your behalf, and in others we can direct you to the best local facility to have these materials handled.

Please remember that the items and materials that are prohibited from our roll off dumpsters will vary from city to city according to local laws. If you have items that you are unsure about, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will share some advice.

Dumpster Safety Information

No matter what chore or project one is working on around the home, there is always an opportunity for injury. Below are a few key reminders to ensure safety in and around your roll off dumpster, and to prevent any undue injury from occurring due to negligence. Blah – blah

Keep the Dumpster Covered when Not in Use – while it’s certainly not mandatory to put a cover or tarp over your roll off dumpster at night or when it is not in use, it is recommended. Even a soft or partial cover can prevent animals and children from getting in to the dumpster and stop materials from dislodging and getting out.

A Roll Off Dumpster is Not a Playground – it likely goes without saying for any parents that rent one of our roll off dumpsters, but these large steel bins are not suitable for children to play around with. All of our roll off dumpsters are constructed from very solid steel, and many of the bins are deep enough to injure a child should they fall in.

Make use of Gloves and Protective Material – Gloves, full-length pants and other protective materials are recommended for anyone conducting renovations or disposing of large amounts of mixed waste. Sharp objects can be hidden in anything and even small punctures from a dirty piece of metal or plastic can result in serious health complications.

Thank you for taking the time to read through our list of prohibited materials and to check out some of our recommended safety tips! As always, if you have questions for the Reliable Dumpsters team please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone at 800-658-3639 or by filling out the quick form at the top of this page.